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Vinyl Lettering has three layers. Design Now!

1st is the top layer. This is called the pre-masking.

The pre-masking is designed to help transfer the vinyl lettering from the package to it’s final resting place.
The pre-masking has a adhesive surface that adheres to the vinyl lettering. When the pre-masking is removed it should bring the lettering up with it.

2nd Layer.
The Second layer is the Vinyl Lettering.

The Vinyl Lettering has adhesive on the bottom side. The adhesive will adhere the lettering to its final resting place. The Vinyl Lettering has no material in between the letters. It is die cut right on the edge of every letter.
This make for a very clean install and will seem painted on. The pre-mask layer holds all the vinyl in place. The lettering has been pre-spaced and pre-aligned according to the user specifications when designing their Vinyl Lettering.

3rd Layer.

The third layer is called the wax paper backing.

This layer is designed for the Vinyl Lettering to lay on but not able to adhere to. The wax on the front side is a non stick surface.
This layer will be thrown away and has no other purpose. It can be cut off during installation.

See the Vinyl Lettering Installation page which explains more in depth and can help you get a good idea of what is in store.

As far as confidence installing your Vinyl Lettering. We guarantee your install.

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Darren Jarl

Yep they look real good, my dad thought that the adhesive could have been better for on the black plastic parts but hit them with light heat and they stuck better I didn't have much of a problem on the flatter surface.

Easy to use web interface and quick turnaround! Will definitely do business with this company again!

Scott Bain
Mark Nelson

What an awesome job and quick turn around!! A+

Colors were right on. Specific size I ordered fit back fender of my bike perfect. Thank ya'll for prices even the lil guy can afford.

Gary J Rousseau

Thank You James, Amanda, and EZ-Lettering.com !! We had a very specific design and we wanted to have the best items for our Boat.....EZ-Lettering walked us through the entire process, held our hand while we asked lots of questions, and produced some very beautiful artwork!! Customer Service even called us back on a saturday evening, to check in on us and make sure that we were happy and satisfied - and when is the last time that Customer Service called YOU on a weekend, and asked you how they could help you out!!?
Simply Awesome / above and beyond the expections we had - and this is definitely the company that you want to do business with...5 stars *****

Love how my stripe turned out.
Getting my hood done next.


Kevin Lehamn

James did an amazing job designing my business card into a full-size decal. It turned out exactly the way I wanted it. I will be back for the rest of my fleet.

Kevin Lehman

Totally Outstanding!!

Bhupendra S.

The best place you can find for vinyl lettering, decals and more.

Very pleased with my wall lettering. It turned out excellent. The walls now look complete. Thank you again and I will be back soon for some other projects.

Thank You,

Jill Key